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November 18 2022
雑誌 「音楽の友」12月号 フレッシュ・アーティスト・ファイル に掲載されました。2022年12月2日 京都音楽記念館バロックザール、12月6日 銀座王子ホールにて開催される「若尾圭良ヴァイオリンリサイタル」についてお話しました。

Featured in the magazine "Ongaku no Tomo" December issue Fresh Artist File.
I talked about the upcoming "Keila Wakao Violin Recital", which will be held on December 2, 2022 at the Kyoto Music Memorial Baroque Saal, and on December 6, 2022 at the Ginza Oji Hall.


Meet the 15-year-old who just won ‘the Olympics of the Violin’

The first notes that she started playing captured my heart. She’s very mature and has such vulnerability and is not afraid of revealing that, and you can feel that personal connection, that charisma. I think that is something special. She is not just a great violinist, but a real young artist.” - The Boston Globe (Angelo Xiang Yu) 
June 18, 2021


Violinist Keila Wakao, 15, inspires as guest soloist with Newton's New Philharmonia Orchestra

“To hear her at such a young age, to hear her playing this range of emotions in these pieces from “Schindler’s List” to “Carmen” in such a master way, this is inspiring." - Jorge Soto 
November 17, 2021